Transformational Education for Teachers

It is no longer news that education in the world, especially in Nigeria has been bastardized in inputs and outputs. Who has the power to change the narrative? George MacDonald asserted that “I believe that no teacher should strive to make men think as he thinks, but to lead them to the living Truth, to the Master Himself, of whom alone they can learn anything, who will make them in themselves know what is true by the very seeing of it. I believe that the inspiration of the Almighty alone gives understanding. I believe that to be the disciple of Christ is the end of Being; that to persuade men to be His disciples is the end of teaching.” You have probably heard the statement to "look at something from a different angle." This means you will see different things if you change your position. This training will help you to change your position and see things from a different angle from which to consider your teaching. Join us to learn from experts on pedagogical strategies for transformational education which centers on questions-based learning techniques, problem-based learning, collaborative learning, etc. The training will equip educators with skills in the application of the godly use of technology in teaching at all levels.


8th – 11th August, 2023


7pm to 8:30pm


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