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National Diploma


Programme Nomenclature:
National Innovation Diploma Programme in Computer Hardware Engineering Technology
 To impart the necessary skills leading to the acquisition of skilled, enterprising and self-reliant personnel in
Computer Hardware Engineering Technology.

Objectives (Click to View)
A product of National Innovation Diploma programme in Computer Hardware Engineering Technology
should be able to:
1. Operate and maintain basic Operating Systems (DOS & Windows}
2. Understand the computer environment and acquire the skills needed to identify and optimize memory and
computer configuration.
3 . Start and manage computer-based businesses
4 Carry out routine (preventive) maintenance of Computer systems
5. Be able to assemble and install micro computers.
6. Partition and format disks and load files
7. Install windows.
6. Partition and format disks and load files
8. Install and uninstall software
9. Detect technical faults in a Micro Computer
10 Setup and troubleshoot basic Network in LAN
Entry Requirements (Click to View)
S.S.C.E or its equivalent. Credit passes in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English language and any other one from Metal works, Technical Drawing, Basic Electronics, Biology or Agricultural Science, Geography, and Further

Trainees who successfully complete all the courses/modules specified in the curriculum table and pass the national
examinations in the trade will be awarded the following certification:
A National Innovation Diploma in Computer Hardware Engineering.

Instructions on payment.

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1st Semester - Year One
Course CodeCourse TitleCourse Unit
CSK501Basis of Communication2
MAT112Logic and Linear Algebra2
CHT101Basic Electricity4
CHT111Operating System6
CHT112Computer Workshop and Practice 16
CHT113Basic Electronics6
GNS114Life Principles2
2nd Semester  - Year One
Course CodeCourse TitleCourse Unit
CSK502Communication Skills2
EDP111Introduction to Entrepreneurship2
CHT121Digital Electronics6
CHT122System Architecture 16
CHT123Intro to Micro Computer and Application Packages4
Third Semester - Year Two
Course CodeCourse TitleCourse Unit
CHT211PC Assembling and Upgrade6
CHT212System Architecture 26
CHT213Computer Workshop and Practice 26
CHT214Basic Networking6
GNS216Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS)4
GNS215Research Methodology4
CET037Industrial Training (3 Months)4
Fourth Semester - Year Two
Course CodeCourse TitleCourse Unit
CHT225Consumer Electronics6
CHT221Troubleshooting and Repairs6
CHT222Software Installation and Upgrade6
EDP223Entrepreneurship Practice2