First and foremost, I really give God the glory for making everything in my life so beautiful and wonderful.

Words cannot express my joy for the privilege to study at this College ECWA International College of Technology Jos. Ever since I joined the Discipleship class there my life has been a testimony.  It has really shaped my spiritual life in that I now know more about my creator “GOD”, and most especially His comforting and fulfilling words. Because of this discipleship, I now know a lot of the Bible and memory verses, not just that but also built up my life and that of my family including those that are around me.

Furthermore, EICT Discipleship also helped me on how to always overcome temptations that life could bring. God transformed me. I used to be easily provoked, hashed and do not forgive easily when someone wronged me.  I was lazy to pray. But now I give GOD the glory he used this Disciple class to strengthen my weaknesses and change me into what He wants me to be.

Finally I thank God for the entire EICT staff for how God is using them to help the students spiritually, academically and even financially.  I pray that God will continue to use them for His glory.

I was admitted into EICT/Bingham University to study Computer Science.  I did not know that EICT is almost a church and a discipleship ground where people meet Jesus knowingly or unknowingly

I started with Life Principle course, after that course I told myself that even if I did not get any course again I’m ok with the Inspired Words that flew during the session.

Within a short time I started attending the discipleship.  God shaped my life more and more and He gave me hope of living in Christ Jesus.  Ever since I started attending discipleship, my prayer life improved and my faith grew stronger.  My speech and action adjusted for His glory. My academic performance improved.  My relationship with my colleagues changed un-like how we started the program.

Now I’m done with my program.  If there is anything I missed is the discipleship class why? because the disciple teachers prayed for us, and encouraged us to pray every day.  Memorising verses was a thing of more than 17 years ago to me, but in the discipleship class, we memorised in every meeting and these verses have become weapon of spiritual warfare in my life.

I did not know that God was preparing me for the future through the discipleship because after the program in the College in August 2014 I went on with my wedding preparation.  I saw God in action, unlocking financial doors and other divine intervention.  In fact God favoured me because the wedding was a huge success.  I and my wife Halima returned the glory to God almighty.

May God bless EICT, Staff and students in Jesus name.

Discipleship is the means by which we take the yoke of Christ to learn under Him in order to bear his image.  In the mind of God, His desire is that we grow to the measures of the fullness of Christ hence effectiveness of the discipleship.

Discipleship requires consistency and humility and the zeal to learn under the disciple that has me in all been a lesson to me in all I do.

Through the discipleship I rededicate my life to Christ.  I started living baptism of water, receiving the Holy Spirit baptism to enhance maturity in the Lord.

The discipleship has shaped my life through teaching and meditating of the scripture daily.  And it has impress on me the lesson of living by faith not by sight

Finally it has redirected my path in saving others who are not sure of their salvation both far and near

Discipleship class is very essential to the life of a Christian.  Unfortunately, many Christians have been deceived by the devil to neglect this helpful exercise.  This is because he knows how much they will explore towards the propagation of the gospel by reaching the unbelievers.

At the cost of this discipleship class attended in EICT Jos, I experienced God’s faithfulness in my life in diverse ways: I received lots of encouragement from God’s word to stand firm and be ever ready to life’s challenges.

I discovered numerous helpful verses that assured everyone who accepts Jesus Christ an eternal life  I John 5:11-12 and John 3:16.

I applied the knowledge I derived from the discipleship class when I embarked with other fellows at my local Church on Outreach.  It was really a helpful, encouraging and bold-making class that equip a Christian for the accomplishment of the Lord’s primary assignment to man “Preach the gospel”.

The discipleship awakens me from the areas I have fallen asleep of which I amend day by day through the leadership of the Holy Spirit

In conclusion, I thank God for the gift of salvation and for making me to be a partaker of discipleship In EICT Jos.

The disciple class was a great blessing to me because it changed a lot of things in my life.  The experience made me a different person completely

God gave me boldness and fear has gone as a result of the discipleship class.   Now I can stand in the public.    Last December 2014 my Church Reverend called me and told me to prepare that I will be the one to preach the following Sunday.  God used me and the church was blessed.   God was exalted as a result of what He did in my life and what the people learned.

My reading ability was very poor, and mummy kept on encouraging me.  She said any time I’m at home I should pick the Bible and read louder, and to God be the glory I’m a fast and good reader.

My father in particular was really happy and appreciates the college for what God did in my life, so he decides to send my younger sister to EICT to study too.

God did a lot in my life which I cannot put them all in writing.  EICT, may God give you the strength and courage to continue to look and build the new believes.  God bless you

I hereby testify the good deeds of the Lord Almighty God in my life ever since I join the discipleship class in January 2013 in EICT

I was facing some challenges at the cost of my studies, financially and issues of relationship.  These affect my relationship with my God and felt as all hope is gone.

One day I decide to join the discipleship class.  There I was meant to understand the secrets of life and much encouragement.   To God be the glory I’m a finalist student of EBU now.

I’m proud to be a member of the discipleship class because of the changes I experienced in my life.

Before the discipleship experience, I thought memorizing verses is for occasions such as Sunday school, Christmas and Easter week alone.  Now God taught me the importance of memory verses as a Christian.   I can now recite verses of scripture at any time anywhere.  This has become a habit to me and I enjoy it.

God put an interest in me of inviting friends to join me in church activities.  He gave me the courage to share what He taught me in the college discipleship with others.

May God continue to bless EICT to do more for the spiritual development of the students.  I pray for wisdom to those that put their energy in order to make us to be like Jesus

Jesus is alive.  Brothers and sisters God is there for you.  To know this fully and benefit, is when you engage in the discipleship class of EICT.  The discipleship is there to assist the students spiritually and other wise.   You that are not participating are missing a lot of blesses.

Challenges of life are everywhere and to be able to face them victoriously you need to know the Lord and walk with Him every day.  Jesus Christ is reliable and dependable.  I realized this well when I had problem with my Landlord and the issue of my education.  Through the help of my parents advised and the discipleship knowledge, God provide way of escape for me.  He has given me the person that will pay my school fee to university level.

The following verses encouraged me greatly in my studies in EICT.  I want you to go through them and be encouraged too.  Psalm 1, 1 Cor. 10:13, James 1:9-25 and James 1:2-8

I thank God for what He has done in my life.  I can recall how I was right from primary through secondary school when I used to follow bad friends, steal y mothers’ money and how it was difficult for my Mom to pay my school fees.

I thank God for helping me to released I was going to destruction through EICT discipleship.  I’m now a changed person.  I’m increasing in the knowledge of God’s word, in all wisdom and spiritual understanding.  I’m being transformed from glory to glory and positioned for the extraordinary life of dominion, victory and purpose through the word in Jesus name. Amen

Accordion Content

There was a time when the discipleship leader came into our lab and read a portion of the scripture that says “ Do not be deceived what a man sows that he shall reap”.  Immediately I realized that scripture was talking to me.  The entire students of the class were touched and they were saying whether she was sent purposely for us.  There after the whole students of the class started attending discipleship class.

I personally knew God was talking to me. I asked God to forgive me and give me grace to follow him.  I was restored as a backslider by His mercy.  I started attending and practicing what God was teaching me through the discipleship class and other messages I received in the school.

I prayed to God and He is helping me.   I started reading the Bible and memorizing the verses given to us in the discipleship class.  God is giving me understanding daily. To God be the glory I can memorize a lot of verses and I love that.  That even gave me the courage to buy the material because I want to continue with the Bible studies at home.

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